What to Know When Purchasing Car Insurance in Cyprus

So you just got your first car, and you need insurance, but you know nothing about purchasing it! Don’t fret – here are a few things that you should know before going to purchase car insurance:

Higher Deductibles for Lower Premiums

Car insurance companies base their prices off what they might need to pay. If you raise your deductibles, that means that the insurance company will be able to give you less in claims. This is why they offer lower premiums for customers opting for higher deductibles.

No Claim Bonus

If along the line, you decide to upgrade your car, you can transfer any NCB you accumulated to your new insurer. It’s simple and hassle-free.

Zero Depreciation Cover

This type of cover offers full settlement without depreciation. It’s your best bet in ensuring that you don’t have to pay out of pocket for any damage caused to your car.

Engine Insurance

You can include an add-on to your insurance to cover your engine as well. In the case of an accident, you could be saving yourself quite a sum in repairs or replacements. Engine repairs can be a lot of trouble and will certainly cost you quite a bit.

Roadside Assistance

Did your car breakdown? Did you lose your key? Some car insurance companies will be able to help you out in such a case as well. If your insurance provider offers roadside assistance, you might want to consider adding it to your plan, particularly if you are forgetful or clumsy. This may save you in the future. This service may be able to help tow your car or even cover a tire or tube replacement if you need it.

Dealer Insurance

If you bought your car from a dealer, they will most likely offer you insurance. This is where you should politely decline and start researching for better deals. Compare policies and really do some shopping. Car dealerships will not always have your best interests in mind. Therefore, don’t just sign off on all the paperwork and agree to whatever they are going to give you just because you want to drive off with your new car. Say no and get yourself a real insurance company. You’re sure to thank yourself in the long run.

Don’t Let Your Policy Lapse

Keep track of pay dates and insurance contract dates. Neglecting to pay attention can add penalties to your cost, which will only get worse over time. You want to be sure to pay your premiums and allowed amounts on time to avoid an expensive headache later on down the line.


If you have a big family that will be using the vehicle as well, you may want to make use of bundles. Insurance can be a lot of money. Bundling will lower the premium.

Do Your Research

Be sure that you compare and contrast every single little detail of a company’s price as well as quality. You want to choose the best one for your needs and budget. In any regard, you will want to have coverage on your car. Taking initiative and investing in proper insurance will save you money and time in the long run.