The Personal Accident insurance policy covers a wide spectrum of risks an individual could face following an accident.


Clients include individuals and businesses (for insuring their employees) who reside permanently in Cyprus. 

A personal accident can occur anywhere and at any time with often a significant financial impact upon your family or business, and other unforeseen consequences.

G.A.P. Vassilopoulos acting as Coverholders on behalf of Lloyds Insurance Company S.A. is able to design a bespoke Personal Accident policy which does not only include cover for emergency treatment but also other significant expenses you may face such as physical therapy, transportation and accommodation. 


Bespoke policies can be created by mix and matching below covers:

  • Accidental Death benefit   
  • Permanent Total Disability   
  • Temporary Total Disability   
  • Hospital Benefit
  • Medical Expenses   


Excluded Policy Activities:

  1. Winter sports, aqualung diving, mountaineering, football other than amateur football and other dangerous sports
  2. Flying (except as a fare paying passenger)
  3. Hang gliding or parachuting
  4. Participating in any kind of racing
  5. Driving motorcycles or riding as a passenger if the engine’s cubic capacity exceeds 125 c.c.
  6. Participation in any professional sport
  7. Active service in the armed forces
  8. Any pursuit or activity involving personal danger or hazard.

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*Personal Accident Insurance is not offered for all types of occupation.

* GAP Vassilopoulos reserves the right not to accept any risk or to accept it conditionally.

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