Home Insurance

Because our security is our home!

Protect your home and its contents from the multiple dangers that lurk.

Employer's Liability Insurance

Insurance is mandatory for every employer, according to the Law on Compulsory Insurance of Employers' Liability.

Public & Product Liability Insurance

Provides insurance coverage to the insured (business, organizations, individuals, etc.) against your legal responsibility to pay compensation to third parties.

Insurance Products

Insurance Services for Businesses & Organizations

Ο Όμιλος G.A.P. Vassilopoulos, προσφέρει μοναδικά ασφαλιστικά προϊόντα για ιδιώτες και επιχειρήσεις, μόνο μέσω “Α” αξιολογημένων Ασφαλιστικών Εταιριών και συνδικάτων των Lloyd’s που αντιπροσωπεύει ο Όμιλος.