The presentation of the insurance product HOME INSURANCE ADVANCE is informative. Details of the terms, conditions, exceptions, compensation limits and a full description of the coverage are included in our insurance policies which are written in plain language in English and Greek.

home insurance

What is this type of insurance?

"Advance" home insurance is a modern, comprehensive policy that offers cover for loss or damage to the building and its contents including your personal belongings. Some of the risks covered, are outlined below. Legal liability against injuries or property damages to third parties is also covered.

Some of the risks covered

Loss or Damage to the Building and Contents caused by the following:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Explosion
  • Earthquake
  • Smoke
  • Storm & Flood
  • Vandalism or malicious acts
  • Airplane, vehicle, train or animal collision with the building
  • Water or oil leakage from any installed plumbing or heating system, washing machine, dish washer, refrigerator, freezer, water bed or fish tank
  • Water freezing in any fixed plumbing or heating system
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Breaking or collapsing of any satellite dish, television aerial or security equipment.
  • Falling trees, branches, telephone or electricity poles or pylons.

Additional covers

  • Loss of rent / alternative accommodation cost
  • Damage to underground facilities supplying your home and vice versa (including septic tanks), the cost of necessary temporary accommodation (including the cost of temporary storage of furniture and the cost of placing dogs or cats in shelters) until your home is ready to be inhabited
  • Accidental breakage of windows, doors, skylights, wash basins, bathrooms, showers, shower enclosures, bidets, toilet seats, toilet cisterns and ceramic hobs
  • Accidental breakage of mirrors, glass surfaces, glass attached to furniture and ceramic hobs or kitchen surfaces that are part of an independent unit
  • The cost of accessing and repairing the pipeline between the main sewer and the house due to the obstruction of the pipeline, given that the usual methods of blockage are unsuccessful
  • Accidental damage of the television, the audiovisual system, your personal computer and security systems
  • Cost of replacing the contents of the freezer or refrigerator in your home after loss or damage due to, (a) accidental damage or malfunction of the freezer or refrigerator, (b) accidental power outage of electricity and the cost of renting a temporary freezer or refrigerator if necessary
  • Loss or damage to the contents located in the garden or in the yard
  • Loss or damage of the contents while temporarily removed from your home
  • Cost of replacing keys and locks on any exterior door or window, or keys of safes lost or stolen
  • Professional fees of architects, engineers and surveyors
  • The cost of demolition the building and removal of debris
  • The cost of complying with local authorities
    + Home owners legal liability against injuries or property damages to third parties
    Home owners personal liability against injuries or damage to third parties outside your residence within the Republic of Cyprus but also abroad
     + Insurance of your personal money inside and outside your home
    + Insurance of personal belongings including valuables, jewelry and clothing while you are away from home

How much is my property worth?

Home Insurance Advance compensates you with costs ​​for reconstructing the building and compensating your contents.

The premises include all the building constructions from fences, corridors, auxiliary buildings, etc.

The contents of your home include furniture, trinkets, equipment, personal and valuables, clothing, etc.

The professional staff of G.A.P. Vassilopoulos can consult you on the valuation of your property, so that in case of an unexpected event we can fully compensate you.

Who is eligible for this type of insurance?

Home Insurance Advance is not offered in all cases. It is proposed after evaluation by our risk department.

Contact us at 77 77 77 75 or show your interest by sending an enquiry.

* GAP Vassilopoulos reserves the right not to accept any risk or to accept it conditionally.

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