Why Home Insurance Is Essential

Owning your own home is a truly wonderful feeling. But have you taken all possible measures to protect it? Just locking up your home, doesn’t guarantee that it will be safe. There are several other factors which are beyond your control. Taking up a home insurance policy is a crucial step towards securing your property. Most of us, don’t realize the importance of purchasing a home insurance policy until it’s too late.

Home insurance protects your house and everything inside it, including the fixtures, fittings, and all your belongings. Without cover, you risk having to pay for replacements or repairs if something happens to your home or belongings. For example, if they're damaged in a fire or a flood or if your things are stolen.

If you own your home and have a mortgage, your mortgage provider may insist that you have buildings insurance in place for the length of your mortgage. You can buy this insurance from any provider, not just your mortgage provider. Compare buildings insurance schemes to find the right deal for you.

Many people wonder ‘’do I really need to have home insurance’’? Insuring your home or property isn’t a legal requirement. Home insurance isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. By having insurance, you’ll have protection for your property and belongings in case something unexpected happens. 

Here, we look at the significance of having home insurance, by giving you three important reasons why it is best to get your home insured rather than regret it later on.

Financial protection

If your home was damaged or your possessions stolen, how would you meet the costs of repairs or replacements? With household insurance in place, if anything happens to your property or possessions that will be covered by your policy, you’ll be protected financially.

Home emergencies

It takes years of hard work to create assets. And one burglary attempt can leave you crippled both emotionally and financially. A Burglary Insurance Policy will cover your property and offer you the peace of mind that you deserve. A burglary insurance policy will compensate you financially for the items that will stolen or damaged due to housebreaking and burglary.

Alternative accommodation

Let’s hope it will never happen, but what if a fire ripped through your property? Or a flood caused widespread water damage? Even if you don't live in a high flood risk area, you're in some danger of loss from a flood. That means, you should know how to prepare for the possibility of a flood, and obtain adequate coverage. Where would you live if your house was uninhabitable from a natural disaster? Most home insurance policies will provide you and your family, with somewhere to stay if it’s unsafe to stay in your home.

Home Insurance provided by G.A.P. Vassilopoulos Group acting as Coverholders on behalf of Lloyds Insurance company S.A.

G.A.P. Vassilopoulos acts as Lloyds Coverholders providing insurance via the Lloyds. Lloyds of London is the biggest insurance market in the world.

As each homeowner’s requirements are different, we have created two different home insurance schemes to meet these differing demands and needs.

The ‘Standard’ scheme provides the base cover needed for adequate home insurance protection at market competitive premiums. Cover can include Buildings and/or Contents.

The ‘Advance’ is a comprehensive scheme which builds on the Standard Scheme cover to include a wealth of additional Perils designed for clients seeking above average cover and an added peace of mind. The "Advance" scheme covers valuables and personal possessions.

You can contact us to compare and select the most appropriate home insurance policy that works best for you.